A scratching post is one of the most important or necessary tools that help a cat in fulfilling their scratching desire and buying it makes the life of the owner and the cat much easy and simple. It is becoming one of the popular items among the cat owners since it helps the owner in keeping their house in an orderly fashion and at the same time it ensures a healthy growth of the cat.

Usefulness of scratching post

It helps a cat to scratch, which is one of the natural instincts of all the cats. It is also beneficial for the health and growth of a cat since effective scratching helps a cat to shed away the old and dead parts of their claws.

Reasons to buy a scratching post

There are quite handful number of reasons to buy it and it ultimately helps both the owner and the cat as well. If a cat is given this, then it would not destroy the furniture and other valuables of your home by scratching it. It will also help you to keep your house clean and tidy without any scratch marks. If the cats are not allowed or given proper scopes to scratch then their claws grow hard and sharp which may at times can lead to any serious accident. It is easily available in any pet shops and the usage of it will ensure a healthy habit for a cat.

Types of scratching post available

Well, there are different types or varieties of scratching post that are nowadays available in the market. A trunk of tree can be modified or changed into a scratching post and can be kept in the outdoors or in the balcony of a house, which will serve the purpose effectively along with adding some aesthetic beauty to the house. A ladder with a wooden support covered with a rough fabric is also at times sold in the pet shops or in cat shows which can also be one of the types. However, it is always better if the post is having a considerable height, since it attracts the cats more and they will prefer it more than armchairs or a couch. Even customized posts are also available depending on the height that one prefers to buy for their cats. The posts are generally vertical in shape but it can also be turned into other shapes and sizes for more fun and adventure for the cats. The posts can also be made of cardboard and can be placed properly to be used for the purpose of scratching.

Importance of the scratching post

It helps a cat to mark their own territory which can also be called as their comfort zone. However, in natural habitat the cats scratch the tree barks or any rough and hard areas and thereby make a territory for themselves. Similarly in an indoor setting the post enables the cat to live comfortably and freely.

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